Friday, 17 October 2008


Who else has got their 'Black Ice' tour tickets?


Unfortunately, the plural of 'tickets' here means 'two', the limit per person. However, I require three - my Dad, my sister, and myself.

How crappy that the limit was set so low. I know it's to try to prevent people buying them, jacking up the price and selling them on eBay, etc, but it's hardly worked ... get on their yourself if you don't believe me.

I was in college when they went on sale at ten this morning, desperately waiting to hear from either my Dad or my cousin, both of who were on the phone trying to book tickets for the Manchester MEN show. It was my cousin who was successful - Dad tried for three hours and couldn't get through to the ticket lines; he was also on the net and everything he looked at was sold out.

Still, two tickets are better than none, right? But it's so unfair. My Dad hasn't seen them since 1980 - my sister and I haven't seen them before at all. And the band mean so much to me in loads of ways - not only are they my favourite band, they also got me into both rock and music in general in a big way. I've been waiting for this for years now. I almost feel like I've followed them since they started, and I know more about them than quite a few older people I know who actually have.

So why the hell the ridiculous limit? Raise it by one ticket and I'd have been fine. But no. Put my AC/DC-obsessed family in this position, hoping against hope something will come along. Maybe we'll have to rely on, on the night itself ... touters. Eurgh.

Thank you to my wonderful cousin, and my Dad who gave up three solid hours and a whole lot of the phone bill.

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